Halloween 2013: '90s Revival Costume Ideas

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the ‘90s are back in full effect. From the crop-top takeover of fall Fashion Week to the re-emergence of our favorite pop groups (i.e. *NSYNC, TLC), it’s high time we show some appreciation for the decade now-defined by the World Wide Web. (Yup. The first website was created in 1990, and by 1999, the Internet was mainstream. Free history lesson!) Don’t act like you’re not nostalgic.

There was also a lot of RULL good lady-based pop culture that came out of the ‘90s, so we’ve put together three classic outfits from our favorite female icons for your Halloween enjoyment. (In addition to our picks, we've also rounded up instructions for how to be Daria, The Craft and Cher Horowitz, because we're the bomb like that.) And let’s be honest: it's pretty much the 11th hour in terms of finding a costume, so if you don’t have one yet, you’re praaahbably the kind of person who tends to DIY day-of. Lucky for you, these are PERFECT for that level of laziness. (No offense.) Fashion fiends (or hoarders of epic proportions) will likely have more than half of these costume components in their closet already, so put back those pre-packaged sexy food costumes and start practicing your throwback slang, beyotch.



Photo: Warner Bros./Topshop/ASOS/Charlotte Russe/Target/Staples

We mustn’t dwell. No, not today. Not on REX MANNING DAY Halloween! Corey Mason (Liv Tyler) was the good girl with a bad streak from Empire Records, the 1995 movie about a group of misfit teens trying to keep an indie record store afloat. Damn the man, save the empire! Corey was a total babe, and is basically the embodiment of '90s comeback trends with her fuzzy cropped sweater, plaid skirt and combat boots. You’re gonna need your store badge to slip into the back room and woo Rex Manning, but don't forget to wear your ~most~ sexy red bra for your grand seduction. (Bonus points if you bake cupcakes for the occasion. After all, there are 24 usable hours in every day.) If that doesn’t work out though, you’ve always got your studies, so make sure to have your notebook handy and lay off those Jesse Spano caffeine pills!

+ Sweater: Topshop Knitted Fluffy Crop Jumper ($60.00)

+ Skirt: Daisy Street Plaid Mini Skirt ($35.58)

+ Boots: Charlotte Russe Double Buckle Lace-Up Combat Boots ($42.50)

+ Bra: Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Favorite Balconette Bra ($16.99)

+ ID Holder: Cosco MyID Black ID Badge Holder ($6.99)

+ Composition Book: Mead Square Deal Black Marble Composition Book ($3.29)



Photo: Getty Images/River Island/Shiek Shoes/Raver Swag/Target/COVERGIRL/ASOS/Match Wigs

In 1998, a Tragic Kingdom-era Gwen Stefani hit her first VMAs in this punky number that included a fuzzy bra top, a skirt over pants and OMG PLATFORM SANDALS. (We definitely had a pair or 6 of those.) The No Doubt frontwoman had a seriously memorable red carpet moment with cranberry-colored lips, blue hair tied up in tiny raver buns and an intricate pattern of sparkly bindi gems across her forehead. And then there's those abs, which, like a fine wine, have only gotten better with age. *bows down* (Sadly, we can't help you with those.)

+ Top: Ruffle Front Tri Top ($19.99)

+ Skirt: River Island Black High Shine Drop Waist Skater Skirt ($20.00)

+ Pants: C9 By Champion Women's Fitted Pant ($21.99)

+ Shoes: Soda Women's Amador Shoe ($16.99)

+ Wig: Kromin Short Blue Wig ($24.99)

+ Bindi: River Island Bright Gem Stone Bindi Pack ($6.00)

+ Lipstick: COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lipstick in Euphoria 360 ($7.49)



Photo: Nickelodeon/Urban Outfitters/Construction Gear/Face Painting Tips/Converse/American Eagle

#SorryNotSorry if we just blew your mind with this one. The Secret World of Alex Mack was a Nickelodeon TV show about a girl who accidentally got contaminated by some toxic sludge and, instead of like, dying, got a lot of really sweet special powers. Mack was a BIG fan of overalls and regularly rocked grunge with flannel shirts tied around her waist. Backwards snapback hats, basic tees and Converse shoes were also all key pieces for the girl who glowed. (Slather on a heap of neon yellow facepaint when you want to levitate objects and/or melt into an embarrassed puddle.)

+ Overalls: Dickies Women's Bib Overalls Work Pants ($39.70)

+ Hat: Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat ($42.00)

+ Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Classic Colors In Navy ($50.00)

+ Flannel Shirt: AE Boyfriend Button Down Shirt ($34.99)

+ White Shirt: AE Favorite T-Shirt ($9.99)

+ Face Paint: Diamond FX Face Paint In Neon Yellow ($5.50)

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