Show Us Your #covermoment: Empowerment

If you've been keeping tabs on us, you may have realized that we take Halloween RULL serious over here. All throughout the month of October, we've been hooking you up with a TON of costume ideas in the form of your favorite pop stars and culture icons—but October's important for another reason, too (and we're not talking new album releases, although those are ~also~ awesome).



Photo: via @emi_boooo

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and by upping awareness and education on this tragic disease, you automatically empower the people around you to share information and means for prevention. So, for October's #covermoment Spotlight, we asked you to post pictures of things that symbolize your personal moments of "EMPOWERMENT"!



Photo: via @sknepps

Next month's theme is "CATCHING FIRE," in honor of the release of the second installment in The Hunger Games trilogy ~and~ the amazing Capitol Collection makeup looks, which were inspired by each of the 12 Districts in Panem. Settle in with the tutorials and go nuts!



Photo: via @ekjarrett

So, congrats to @emi_booo, @sknepps and @ekjarrett. You guys rock! Check out their photos above and be sure to start showing us your "CATCHING FIRE" #covermoment!

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