Lady Gaga Accessorizes Her Airport Look With A Claw

Lady Gaga at the airport, holding a claw. NBD.
Photo: Splash News

Quick: what’s the one accessory you just cannot travel without? Your favorite necklace? A scarf to use as a pillow on the plane? A black claw with long nails? For Lady Gaga, it’s option number 3. With just a few weeks til ARTPOP drops, Gaga headed to Berlin carrying, as we all do (JK), a claw. Is Gagaloo getting in the Halloween spirit? If so, we have some ideas as to how she could dress as herself. #META Is she going to start making the Little Monsters put their claws up instead of their paws? Did she carry the claw through the metal detector or have it x-rayed? Claw accessories and airport logistics raise many questions.

Closeup of Lady Gaga’s claw.
Photo: Splash News

Though it’s hard to focus on anything but her unusual accessory, Gaga did actually have clothes on: specifically, a sheer dress. The blue and red floral-print dress, which could easily be thrown on a bed and pass for sheets (minus the whole ~sheer~ element), has a ton of fabric on the arms, and not much elsewhere. The bottom of the skirt is trimmed with white fur (#winter): the whole looks is very prairie woman meets Mrs. Claws Claus. Gaga also ditched the Botticelli babe hair she’s been rocking as of late and returned to a long, blonde ’do (decked out with bangs and a Bump-it!) that is very reminiscent of early, The Fame-era Gaga hair. All she needs to do is change that bouffant into a bow and we’ll be transported back to 2008.

What do you think the claw was for? Halloween? Fab accessory? To scare other passengers from not sitting next to her on a plane? LBR, that’s not a huge problem on private planes. Will she keep the claw with her all throughout ARTPOP’s promotion? And, finally, where do you get something like that?

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