Justin Bieber Cracks A Smile In This Adidas NEO Behind-The-Scenes Video

Justin Bieber on set for his Adidas NEO photoshoot.
Photos: Adidasneolabel’s YouTube Page

We’ve already seen the images for Justin Bieber’s most recent Adidas NEO campaign, but now, thankfully, there’s a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, so we can peep moving JB in all his dancing/drumming/pose-striking glory. There’s also a lot of reclining, like in his fall campaign, because dancing using only your shoulders is tiring.

Biebs fits a lot into the under-a-minute clip, but perhaps the most mysterious part is why he’s drumming on a kit that is covered in glitter? Sure, there’s the question of what he’s singing along and dancing to, but why is there star-shaped glitter assaulting his eyes when he drums? Why does it all pool in his drop-crotch sweatpants? #CLIFFHANGER While 100% of the released campaign shots feature a brooding JB, he manages to sneak a few smiles (we count 2) into the video. Try to catch them in the vid below!


Embedded from www.youtube.com.

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