Christina Aguilera Reveals Unforgettable Fragrance Ad And Full Commercial


Christina Aguilera's new fragrance, Unforgettable.
Photo: Christina Aguilera

Things that are unforgettable: your first kiss, your first concert, the first time you saw Harry Styles shirtless, your first job, your first love, the second time you saw Harry Styles shirtless, Christina Aguilera’s new perfume. (OK, so that last one was a smidge more literal than the rest.) Back in August, Xtina teased some “fragrance news” via Twitter with a mysterious photo that showed the bleach-blonde pop star shushing the camera in a sexy lace dress. And now we finally know alllll about it!


Christina Aguilera's new fragrance, Unforgettable.
Photo: @xtina's Twitter

The singular shot is a still from her just-released commercial for Unforgettable, the singer’s fifth perfume -- and, according to Aguilera, "is for women who want to be irresistible, feel sexy & glamorous.” SIGN US UP! If a new perfume is all it takes to be all of those things, then we are SO in. Unforgettable starts with smells of cashmere, vanilla and tonka absolute at its base, adds night blooming jasmine and turkish rose at the "heart," and is finished with the scents of plum and pomegranate. So good, you could eat it. (But don't.)

The ads themselves are sultry and bare and basically personify our desire to be irresistible, sexy and glamorous. Nice work, Xtina. You got us. The commercial features a mystery man with a SERIOUS set of abs (perhaps its her beau, Matthew Rutler?), and Aguilera, who caresses the dude, laughs and looks longingly into the camera while holding a lace fan. Is it getting hot in here or is it just us? The bottle is tall, sleek and also covered in lace, which, when paired with bombshells such as ourselves, equals HAWT. Hehe. (We hope.)


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