Nicki Minaj Ponders Pasties For Her Spring Collection

World, meet pasties.
Photo: @nickiminaj’s Instagram

When we first saw Nicki Minaj’s complete collaboration collection for Kmart, we thought, “This is pretty great and all, but there’s definitely something missing.” For days we stroked our imaginary beards, desperately trying to put our finger on the one piece that would totally tie together the entire line. And then suddenly, without warning, it hit us. Like, it ACTUALLY jumped out through the computer screen and almost smacked us in the face. PASTIES! OF COURSE!

Pastie party!
Photo: @nickiminaj’s Instagram

Earlier today, Minaj posted two photos featuring her lovely lady lumps, front and center, covered only by a horde of gold chains (necklaces? boob harness? IDK) and two star-shaped nipple covers in a regal purple leopard print. Fit for a queen, they are. “Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????” she asked her loyal followers. YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES, we said as we clapped and twerked and threw confetti in the air. But wait. Hold up. Did she also just hint at a forthcoming spring collection? Like, is that actually happening? What were we talking about again? OH. PASTIES.

I mean, if Miley and Nicki can pull them off, what’s stopping us regular folk from wearing those puppies to work on Casual Friday? #YOLO! JK they are DEFINITELY not SFW (on their own, at least), but under approx. 3 layers of clothing? CHIC. While lounging around at home or dancing alone in front of a mirror (don’t act like you don’t do it)? CHIC-ER. But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Besides, she could just be looking for a new way to not wear a shirt!

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