Justin Bieber Broods And Actually Wears A Shirt In Newest Adidas NEO Campaign

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber for Adidas NEO.
Photo: via Adidas Neo's Facebook

It feels like just yesterday we were peeping Justin Bieber's Fall campaign with Adidas NEO. Well, a great day has arrived yet again (and sooner than expected!): Bieber's Winter campaign is hurr, and he's lookin' #swaggy.

The Fall campaign featured several looks, but this one, at least so far, only has J. Biebs in a blue and red plaid flannel. He is ready for winter, people. He's from Canada, so he knows how cold it can get out there. Justin also shows off his black and red NEO sneakers (which we saw in the earlier campaign) by using a drum as an ottoman. Drums are for creating beats, man, not showing off your new kicks! He pairs his rather low-key look with a diamond chain-link necklace that, unfortunately, is not part of the collection. Maybe next time, Bieber? Give the people what they want: diamonds!

The shirt isn't for sale yet, but the NEO site has a ton of other Bieber-approved clothing, including a t-shirt with a skull wearing headphones (perhaps inspired by his DJ Bruce lee shirt?), vests (#winter), and tapered sweatpants that may or may not have a drop-crotch (perfect for your Justin Bieber Halloween costume). NEO also promised new images would be released soon, so we'll report back with any further photos of Justin developments .

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