Halloween 2013: Be The Ghost That Haunts Ke$ha's Vagina


Dress yourself like the ghost that haunts Ke$ha's vagina!
Photo: Blick Art/American Apparel/IKEA/Spirit Halloween/Party City

If you haven't noticed, here at MTV Style, we're heavily into Halloween. We've been dreaming up costumes for all our faves, including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber for the past couple of weeks: we've got Halloween on the mind 24/7, which is why when Ke$ha tweeted about a Halloween costume she wants to see this upcoming October 31st, we were like, "ON IT."

The other night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ke$ha discussed her obsession with the afterlife and ghosts and casually mentioned that a ghost is haunting her vagina. Mmmhm, okay. The ghost is still in there, which means it's getting more Ke$ha-like by the day. Picking up style tips, living the pop star life, etc. Last night, K$ tweeted:

And thus, a new costume idea was born. We figured since ghost costumes are Halloween 101, we'd Ke$ha the costume up a little and make it a ghost that would obviously be at home in Ke$ha. As with all ghost costumes, you're going to want a white sheet; unlike all other ghost costumes, you're going to also want ~glitter~. Krylon Glitter Blast comes in 16 different colors, so you can choose if you want your ghost to be sparkly pink or sparkly green. You should spray it liberally and sporadically: there's no method to Ke$ha's glitter madness. The glitter glue pens are to decorate around the eye holes you've cut out for yourself: while K has recently toned down her eye makeup game a little, the ghost that haunts her vagina is of no space or time. It is a combination of old and new Ke$ha.

Once your costume is glittered up, you need to #accessorize. K$ recently debuted a rainbow colored 'do, so you won't be a bald ghost—you'll, fittingly, have long, colorful locks. There's also this dollar sign necklace, which is perfect because K loves her sum gold. Obvi, ghosts don't wear shoes, but since you're a human IRL (secret's out!), you'll need to cover your feet in some Ke$ha-inspired footwear. Luckily, when she previewed her "Timber" music video look, we peeped some lumberjack-y socks, which you can wear on Halloween and every day after because those socks are the best.

Unless you hang out exclusively with Animals, the chance that you'll be the only person at a Halloween party in this costume is very high, which is ideal when dressing up! Don't be the 8th ear of sexy corn at a party—forge your own non-sexy ghost path. Plus, you may impress Ke$ha.

+ Sheet: White Flat Sheet ($3.99)

+ Glitter Spray: Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paints ($5.75)

+ Glitter Pens: Crayola Washable Glitter Glue ($3.39)

+ Necklace: Super Dollar Sign Necklace ($5.99)

+ Wig: Fantasy Wig ($19.99)

+ Socks: Recycled Yarn Boot Sock ($14.00)

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