Halloween 2013: Lady Gaga Costume Ideas

It’s not easy being Lady Gaga. First of all: the hair. There’s a lot of it. Can you even imagine the size of the suitcase required to travel with all of her wigs? Long, short, black, yellow, bobbed, Boticelli—those things must take up a TON of space. Second of all: The shoes. There’s a lot of those suckers, too, and they’re not like, pin-thin flip-flops you can toss in your purse on-the-go. They're typically tall, thick-heeled and embellished—not for the faint of height OR heart (#spikes). And then there’s the outfits, which basically have lives of their own and can speak for themselves, as far as I’m concerned.

On any given day, Gagaloo switches up her clothing/wigs/shoes, like, a BAJILLION times—so it’s no surprise that she wore FOUR different outfits over the course of her 5-minute opening performance at this year's VMAs. SANS MALFUNCTIONS. We were impressed, to say the least. SO impressed, in fact, that we decided to recreate each look from her "Applause"-inspired performance for your Halloween enjoyment. Pick one costume for yourself or snag 3 friends and make it a group thaaang. Then, you only have to learn like, 25% of the choreography, which you can totally do if you practice real hard starting NOW.



Warning: This costume is not for the spill-prone.
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This is the first outfit Gaga wore for her VMAs performance, and it took a solid ten seconds until we realized she wasn't just going to sing as a face in a hole. Slap on a white swim cap and cut out a frame for your face in a piece of poster board for the perfect cat-in-bread effect. Snag the ready-made American Horror Story nun's habit for a more structured bed sheet look and top it all off with a layered, faux pearl necklace. Or feel free to wear real pearls, if that's how you ball.

+ Nun's Habit: American Horror Asylum White Nun Dress ($27.99)

+ Poster Board: Railroad Poster Board ($12.33)

+ Swim Cap: The Finals Solid Latex Swim Cap ($1.79)

+ Necklace: Layered Pearl Strands ($32.00)



She blue it! LOL JK, she did great.
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IDK how Gaga went from cat meme nun to Liza Minnelli in under 30 seconds, but we can get you there in 3 to 5 minutes with this jazzy blue number. Start with a pair of black tights and bodysuit as your base, then, pick up this work-appropriate royal blue blazer and club-appropriate sequined skirt to complete your look from the neck-down. Call your mom about stealing some shoulder pads, assuming she didn't burn them all after the '80s were over. To prevent from looking like Walk-of-Shame Smurfette, top it all off with a bobbed, platinum-blonde wig and voilà! You're the jazziest Gaga on the block.

+ Blazer: Slanted Flap Pocket Blazer ($34.80)

+ Bodysuit: Cotton Spandex Jersey Tank ($26.00)

+ Skirt: Blue Printed Sequin Skirt ($26.39)

+ Tights: Gipsy 40 Denier Opaque Tights ($12.46)

+ Wig: White Platinum Wig ($24.99)



Yellow hair, don't care.
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For this look, Lady Gaga essentially snapped off her skirt and blazer like an Adidas tracksuit, but unless you feel like carrying/dealing with two wigs, we recommend you choose one of her sequined looks and stick with it. Here, you can try a sparkly peplum top instead of a leotard, throw on some thick leggings and ignore everyone who tries to tell you that leggings aren't pants. In Gaga's world, not even pants are pants sometimes—so live your life how you want to on Halloween, y'all. Take some sheers to the yellow wig to create a shorter 'do or tuck up a faux bob if you're crafty with your hair. Depending on your level of commitment, you can either refer to our totes legit "Applause" makeup tutorial here, or do a quick-splash of primary colors to cover your face.

+ Top: Strapless Peplum Top ($66.70)

+ Leggings: Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings ($27.99)

+ Wig: Yellow Tour Wig ($15.99)

+ Face Paint: Character Makeup Kit ($3.99)



Get naked! Almost.
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OK, here's where things get cray. All the other outfits make use of at least one piece that you can incorporate into your regular wardrobe. This outfit does not. Unless you can make use of a full-body, nude-colored unitard. #nojudgements Gaga brought back her Aphrodite/Botticelli Chick-hybrid for the finale of her VMAs performance, and unless you want to bare your booty on Halloween, this is definitely the way to go. Take a trip to the craft store and grab some faux flowers and shells to glue to your bodysuit in the appropriate places. Next, tease out the biggest, waviest blonde wig you can find and start doing neck exercises ASAP because that thing is gonna be HEAVY. Finally, make your face up with a basic color palette and pray that you run into One Direction for a fan-girl photo-op.

+ Leotard: Capezio Women’s Long Sleeve Unitard ($30.02)

+ Shells: Irish Baking Dish Shell ($1.49 each)

+ Flowers: Garland Hydrangea Berry Mix ($12.95)

+ Wig: Adult Bombshell Wig ($18.99)

+ Face Paint: Character Makeup Kit ($3.99)

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