Halloween 2013: Justin Bieber Costume Ideas

Hear that? *pushes index finger to your lips...yes, through the computer screen* That's the sound of Halloween being HALF A MONTH away! So far, in our quest to prepare you for all your costumed comings and goings this year, we've hooked you up with political, cinematic, and even *achem* culinary All Hallows' Eve inspiration—along with celeb-based ideas like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry costume ideas. NOW, make way for a bevy of Trick or Treat-worthy getups inspired by pop's golden boy: JUSTIN BIEBER!


Justin Bieber

To infinity and Bieb'yond.
Photo: Official Rock Star Costumes/Spirit Halloween/Chachi Pants/Halloween Costumes

No, this isn't our ploy to combine The Biebs and Gravity (though normally, we wouldn't put it past us). Justin Bieber is actually going to space! For this costume, you'll need a wig (technically, we're pretty sure this one's meant to be Vanilla Ice, but it looks more like his latest hairstyle than the other Bieber wig offerings on the market), an astronaut costume, an astronaut helmet, and some gray drop crotch sweatpants. We advise going for the cheapest version available for the space suit portion of your costume because you'll be cutting it in half. Why keep the pants of your jumpsuit when you're just going to wear these Chachi Mommas on top of them? You'll also need a helmet to tie the look together, but no pressure trying to get it over that luxurious head of hair.

+ Wig: Adult MC Poser Wig ($14.99)

+ Astronaut Costume: Astronaut Adult Mens Costume ($39.99)

+ Gray Drop Crotch Sweatpants: Gray Black Chachi Momma Pants ($50.00)

+ Helmet: Adult Astronaut Helmet ($32.99)


Justin Bieber

Holy drop crotch!
Photo: Official Rock Star Costumes/Halloween Costumes/Chachi Pants

Remember when Justin posted that cryptic Instagram mirror selfie with what looked like a script for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie and the caption "#robin ??" Many outlets speculated whether it might be part of a Funny Or Die sketch Biebs had teased earlier that same week. However, it would appear that sketch was actually this installment of Between Two Ferns, which means the whole "Is Justin Bieber playing Robin?" thing is totally still up for debate! Rekindle the conversation with your Halloween costume this year, pairing a classic Robin costume (or this more affordable Robin t-shirt option) with that Vanilla Ice wig and some green drop crotch sweatpants. Minimum effort, maximum impact.

+ Wig: Adult MC Poser Wig ($14.99)

+ Robin Costume: Robin Classic Series Grand Heritage Costume ($98.99)

+ Green Drop Crotch Sweatpants: Army Green Chachi Momma Pants ($50.00)


Justin Bieber

#neverforget OG Mally Bieber.
Photo: Official Rock Star Costumes/Spirit Halloween/Chachi Pants/eBay

Finally, who can forget OG Mally Bieber? *crickets* Don't remember? That's Justin Bieber's monkey. Or was until the adorable capuchin was quarantined in Germany after Bieber landed at Munich Airport without the proper papers. This costume is fairly simple. Of course, you'll need a pair of drop crotch sweatpants (any color will do, but we're partial to this black pair with red zippers), that "Ice Ice Baby" wig, and a stuffed animal monkey. Pair all that with a muscle shirt because granted it was a Polish airport that Bieber went through shirtless, but when was the last time you saw him in a shirt? Voilà! Instant J.Biebs!

+ Wig: Adult MC Poser Wig ($14.99)

+ Shirtless Shirt: Muscle Shirt Light Adult Mens Costume ($21.99)

+ Black Drop Crotch Sweatpants: I Am Fire 2012 Chachi Momma Pants ($50.00)

+ Monkey: Ty Pluffies Dangles The Monkey ($8.89)

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