Is Rita Ora The Next Face Of Chanel?


OK we get it, you guys are BFFs.
Photos: @ritaora's Instagram

Hold the phone. Did Rita Ora nab a Chanel campaign?! All signs on the singer’s Instagram point to probably. Either that, or running around Paris at midnight in head-to-toe Chanel is Karl Lagerfeld’s idea of a girls’ night out. Wait. IS that Karl Lagerfeld's idea of a girls' night out? Honestly, IDK exactly what is happening in these photos, but I do know that I want to go there.

Ora posted a TON of snaps from a midnight photoshoot in Paris this weekend, and regardless of what is actually happening, I think we're all pretty much dying to see what kind of lux friendship bracelets she and Uncle Karl have—because they are clearly BFFs now. “Taking a midnight stroll with the man who inspires me to be glamorous at all times without a hint of doubt. Love you uncle Karl," Ora captioned a particularly cozy photo. Move over, Cara. Oh, wait. There’s room for you, too, under this scaffolding. *wipes brow*


Rita werqs a cape.
Photo: @ritaora's Instagram

Ora DUH-RIPS in Chanel in every photo from the mysterious shoot, in which we sometimes get to see Karl himself behind the camera. I mean, we’re talking layers upon layers upon LAYERS of stacked Chanel pearl necklaces, chic little deer ears, big stately antler ears attached to a diamond-encrusted mask, lace-up patent leather stiletto booties, a leopard print blouse, and the pièce de résistance—DAT CAPE: cream-colored satin on the inside, black sequins on the outside and enough material to swaddle a grown man. That thing is serious and Karl must think Rita is pre-ttay special to bestow such a spectacular garment on the risk-taking pop singer. However, she ~was~ one of the first to wear his tartan punk collection, so perhaps he’s finally ready to bring her under his high fashion wing?

Do you think Ora will be the next face of Chanel? How well do you think you have to know Karl Lagerfeld before you can start calling him Uncle Karl in public?

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