One Direction Ditch Coordinated Clothing For Their ‘Midnight Memories’ Cover

One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” album cover.
Photo: One Direction

Well, the past two days have been a complete whirlwind in the world of One Direction and for those who inhabit it. First, the name of their next single, “Story Of My Life,” was announced via Twitter and accompanied by baby pictures of each of them. Now you can blend baby pictures of yourself and, say, IDK, Harry to imagine what your children might look like. You can spend all weekend doing that if you want, YOLO, the weekend is ~you~ time. Anyway, can you believe it was less than a year ago that we were lauding 1D for their collective band style? I mean, on the cover of Take Me Home, which was released last November, they’re all wearing suits! Things have changed big time in the past year, and we’re not even talking about their tattoos, just #FASHUN.

One Direction’s “Story Of My Life” single cover.
Photo: One Direction

Following the single’s announcement by mere hours, 1D released the cover art for “Story Of My Life,” in which 0/10 eyes are looking at the camera, and 0/5 dudes are coordinated. The first question that comes to mind is: why are all y’all sitting on the ground? Liam, why are you reclined in the street? Does concrete look like a bed to you? The second question that arises is: what season is it? Harry has on a shearling-lined coat, Louis is wearing a denim jacket, and Liam the street-layer is in leather. The other two have t-shirts on. Maybe Harry is always cold (OMG, me too!), but his wintery coat looks out of place next to his warmer-blooded friends. Besides the blatant lack of seasonal coordination up top, they are all very loosely coordinated on the bottom. Each member is sporting a different shade on the denim spectrum ( à la The Teen Choice Awards). Also, 3/5 of them have holes in the knees of their jeans. There are patches for those things, guys. Also, stores with new pants.

If bb pics and single-song cover art aren’t enough for you, you’re greedy AND in luck: 1D also released the cover for the full-length album, Midnight Memories, as well as a tracklist. Those fellas are finally alright in my book. JK, they already were and 4eva will be. The boys are in the same clothes as the single art, but they’re vertical and in an order that highlights the facial hair on Louis, Liam, and Zayn. Whoa, boys men, whoa.

Despite their newfound uncoordinated style, a bit of fashion has made it onto Midnight Memories: the tracklist reveals that there’s a song titled “Little Black Dress.” Considering that Harry was a Fashion Week fave, it only makes sense. “Little Black Dress,” “Best Song Ever,” and 12 other songs make up the album, which you can preorder now, but doesn’t come out IRL until November 25th. “Story Of My Life” will be released on October 28th, though, so get your countdowns ready: 17 days til new 1D for us to listen to on repeat.

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