Katy Perry Or Rita Ora: Who Wore House Of Holland's Virgin Mary Print Best?

Katy Perry, Rita Ora

Katy Perry and Rita Ora in House of Holland
Photo: Getty Images

Chanel front row BFFs Katy Perry and Rita Ora are copping each other's style. Considering how much time celebz spend shoulder-to-shoulder during Fashion Week(s), it only makes sense that one person's steelo rubs off on another (figuratively and literally—those benches are packed very tightly). So, we're here to discuss who wore this House of Holland Virgin Mary print shirt best.

Rita wore the print a few weeks ago, and she styled the colorful SS14 shirt as it was seen on the runway: with a sheer navy lace skirt and denim baseball cap. Between the religious iconography, the bright flowers, and the gold metallic accents, the shirt is a whole lotta look, so it makes sense that Rita kept it paired with simple, solid colors.

Katy wore a collared version of the shirt on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and also stuck with the solid color pairing, though because "Roar"-era Katy Perry is ~grunge~, she opted for black. Pairing the shirt with a leather pleated skirt and black knee socks gave Katy a verrrrry Catholic-schoolgirl-gone-bad vibe and also gave me the perfect Halloween costume, so, thanks, KP!

Sooo, who do you think wore the Virgin Mary print better: Rita or Katy?

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