Miley Cyrus Gets A Mesh Onesie (With Pasties) From Ellen DeGeneres

Miley gets a custom onesie from Ellen.
Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Miley Cyrus appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and among the things discussed in the interview portion of the show were: Miley’s recent Liam Hemsworth breakup (*GASP*), strippers (*DOUBLE GASP*), her ever-present tongue (*shrug*) and the must-have Miley Cyrus twerking figurine (GIMME). After gifting Miley one of the limited-edition “Bobble Butts,” Ellen also took a minute to recognize Cyrus’ undying obsession with onesies. (See also: Your next Halloween costume.) Ellen then reached back into her bag of presents and pulled out the most magnificent onesie the world will ever lay their eyes on.

At first glance, it may appear to be a full-body lab suit—until you notice that it’s MADE OF MESH. Nothing says “Miley-style” like mesh these days, but that’s not all! The onesie also includes some appropriately-placed pasties AND an opaque flap to guard her ladyparts. “Just in the front you’re covered, not in the back!” DeGeneres warns. Santa, don’t even bother leaving the North Pole this year. Ellen just won Christmas (for Miley). “I will actually wear this!” the pop singer said—and we believe her.

Miley performs on ’The Ellen Degeneres Show’
Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Later in the show, Miley also performed “Wrecking Ball” live and even recreated the music video. But this time, she wore rolled-up black overalls and a white cropped top which is WAY more appropriate for day-time television, IMHO. “I don’t know what she’s thinking,” Ellen said to the audience while playing a clip of the music video. “She should be wearing a hardhat.” LOL, Ellen. What an astute observation! People have been so busy focusing on her swinging around sans pants that they totally neglected to notice that Miley should ALWAYS put safety first.


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