Taylor Swift Is Christmas Chic On The Cover Of 'InStyle'

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift on the cover of November's 'InStyle.'
Photo: InStyle

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...on the cover of InStyle. The November issue features Taylor Swift lookin' ready to decorate a tree, bake cookies (though, to be fair, T.Swift is always ready to bake cookies), and open some presents. It's only mid-October, you guys! We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to go! Swift was born in December and on a Christmas tree farm (yeah, really), though, so it's possible she's in the Christmas spirit 365 days a year. If I looked Swift-level good pairing green and red, I'd also be in that constant Christmas spirit. Also because I love presents.

Taylor is decked out in head-to-knee green, in an embellished sweater and a Burberry Prorsum skirt. She's swapped her signature bright red lip for a deeper shade, which makes sense, since she told the magazine, "I feel most confident when I have a red lip on." Taking an already-established confidence booster and making it darker slash more wintery? Genius move, Swift. Sheer genius. Her hair is also different than we're used to seeing it: it's a little wavy, a little straight, and a lot more undone than usual. In the mental catalog of celebrities that I keep and update daily, Taylor has pin-straight bangs (#jealz) with a sleek 'do, whether it's wavy or straight—never an errant hair, never any frizz. This look, though, is different; her bangs are mussed and it's neither straight, nor curly. Maybe, in keeping with the holiday theme, they styled her hair to look like it would on Christmas morning? If my hair looked like that after a night of restless, present-filled dreams, I'd be 100% okay with never sleeping soundly again. Or dreaming about anything other than presents.

Inside, InStyle revealed, Taylor is dressed in Lanvin, Erdem, and Dior. Exactly like me, at my house, on Christmas morning. The issue hits stands on October 18th, and inside Taylor reveals her fave red lipstick, so—HULLO!—we'll be the first people in line for a copy.

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