Food Friday: Would You Wear A ‘Sexy’ Food Halloween Costume?

Sexy Pizza, Sexy Fries, and Sexy Burger Halloween costumes.

The “sexy” Halloween costume has been a holiday staple of sorts since long before Mean Girls made fun of it in 2006. The practice of young ladies turning lingerie into costumes has been plaguing All Hallows’ Eve for at least a decade, and while it may have started with skimpy versions of cop costumes or firefighters or animals, it’s since spread to just about everything: “sexy” ninjas, “sexy” children’s toys, “sexy” Hannibal Lecter, and who could ever forget those “sexy” Sesame Street characters? Welp, it turns out there are also food costumes. Thus, this week’s Food Friday topic.

Given that dressing up as food is notably on-trend this year AND given that the sexualization of Halloween costumes knows no bounds, we should have seen this one coming. I mean, why (other than, you know, a preference for modesty and the fact that late October can get pretty chilly) would you rather wear an XL sweatshirt printed with a blown out photo of greasy pepperoni pizza when you can wear this costume from which comes with a built-in crust neck pillow instead?? And one thing is for sure: a skintight bodycon minidress is exactly what I want to wear after eating super-sized French fries and a Big Mac.

Sexy Corn, Sexy Grapes, and Sexy Banana Halloween costumes.

If the irony of “sexy” junk food costumes is lost on you, don’t worry. There are suggestive fruits and veggies, too. (We’d expect no less from an e-tailer that keeps “Bend Over” cropped fingerless gloves in stock.) You could be “sexy” corn with a printed halter neck and green peplum skirt husk. You could wear a two-piece grapes costume made up of a glorified bandeau and asymmetrical miniskirt, both covered in purple medallion “grapes” and green vines. Or you could just totally mail it in with this wholly lackluster “sexy” banana costume which is just a yellow dress with a zipper down the front and a folded-over neckline. OR there’s the other option of wearing actual clothes you won’t have to keep pulling at all night to make sure your butt is covered. Pick your poison.

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