'Romeo & Juliet': Go Behind The Scenes With The Film's Cast And Costume Designers

A still from 'Romeo & Juliet.'
Photo: Swarovski

FYI: Romeo & Juliet comes out tomorrow (SQUEE!)—and we canNOT wait to see Douglas Booth run around in a pair of velvet jodhpurs, y’all. Of course, we’re ALSO really excited about seeing our ultimate teen style crush, Hailee Steinfeld, shine bright like a diamond in a bunch of ornately embellished Elizabethan gowns. No, really. She'll actually be covered in a bunch of Swarovski crystals, thanks to the backing of the bling giant’s new film division. This will be Swarovski Entertainment Ltd’s first feature film (cue "Started From the Bottom," but like, lol, not really), and they're spilling the deets on Romeo & Juliet’s unique costume design BEFORE we see the threads in action tomorrow on the big screen. (SQUEE x2!)

Douglas Booth gets fitted for a costume.
Photo: Swarovski

In the beginning, there were a LOT of sketches of the star-crossed lovers & co. Then, designer Carlo Poggioli wrangled up a BAJILLION Italian seamstresses to help him get to work on this massive undertaking. (Fun fact: Most scenes were legit filmed in fair Verona. #authentic) They ended up creating somewhere between 800 to 1,000 pieces (WOW) for the Shakespearean tragedy—and Steinfeld loved every one she wore (including the one she dies in, apparently). “I find that every morning I’ll get dressed … and whatever it is, I’ll say, ‘This is my favorite,’” Hailee says of Juliet's opulent wardrobe. “And they all end up being my favorite, but they’re all super sparkly and pretty.” Girl, YOU'RE super sparkly and pretty.

80% of ALL the costumes in the movie were handmade by the women of Italy, which is again, just WOW. Like, there were real, live humans stitching hundreds of thousands of tiny crystal details onto the delicate designs: clothing, shoes, jewelry and special accessories—like the masks from the grand ball scene. *circle of claps* In total, Swarovski shelled out more than half a million tiny gems for the entire cast. Helloooooo, Carpal Tunnel. But also, ART!


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