Selena Gomez Talks 'Stars Dance' Tour Wardrobe And Design Process

Selena Gomez's Stars Dance Tour Style

It's no secret that we're big fans of Selena Gomez around here at MTV Style: we keep up to date on her hairstyles, who she's hanging out with, and what she's wearing on tour. As big-time Selenators, imagine how excited we were when we found out that we'd get to chat with Selly about her "Stars Dance" tour wardrobe, her role in the design process, and how she changes outfits so many times. We were the most excited.

Selena revealed that there are actually only four Marco Marco looks, but there are ~embellishments~, including a clip-on hoodie and a clip-on skirt, that make it look like waaaay more. Between the different accessories and three shoe changes, Sels def knows how to make each look stand out from the last one. If you're a keen observer, you may have noticed Selena wears all solids on stage, even though she dresses colorfully IRL. She explains that the uniform look was intentional: she wanted to be in solids while her dancers were in patterns, so that their moves would be highlighted. It's hard to focus on anyone else when Selena Gomez is standing in front of you singing in sparkly clothing, but patterns will definitely help, at least for a second. To get the rest of the 411 on Selena's "Stars Dance" tour wardrobe, watch the video above!

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