Grouplove’s Hannah Hooper Shares Her On-Tour Style Essentials

Hannah Hooper stands out. As the spunky, sole chick in a band full of dudes, you can’t help but be drawn to her ever-changing on-stage style (and her ever-changing, ombre extensions *swoon*). One day, you might catch Grouplove’s leading lady rocking around in a skeleton leotard onesie—and the next day, she’s slowly swaying with a tambourine in a vintage, floor-length, multi-layered grape chiffon dress, like she did for the band’s recent show at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC. (SO Stevie Nicks.) #impressed

But somehow, she manages to pull it all off. Actually, she more than pulls it off. She NAILS IT. Every. Single. Time. *bows down* Seriously, the girl wears leopard-print spandex better than Peggy Bundy. *SCURRT* I went there. IDK how she does it, but we at least had to try to steal some of her style secrets—so we did what any curious fan would do. We asked her to show us what’s in her suitcase! (Or, like, the next best thing, which equates to a bunch of personal pics of her favorite on-tour outfits. Because folding/re-folding a packed suitcase = giant pain-in-butt.) Check out nine of Hannah’s favorite performance get-ups below!


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“If I had to describe my fashion style on tour in one word, it would be hangster (hippy gangster).”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“This cardigan I have is absolutely worn out. But I can’t seem to get rid of it because it reminds me of Little Five Points in Atlanta and hanging out with Andy Hull and the Manchester Orchestra crew. Also, it was randomly embroidered with ’GL’ when I found it—so clearly, it was meant to be.”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“My go to piece in the studio was this San Diego Padres jacket by Starter. We were recording from January to March and usually pulled all-nighters. It was the perfect jacket because it was cozy and fly.”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“Touring gives me the ability to find these crazy, hidden gems that cost next-to-nothing at thrift stores all over the world (like this dress I got at Held Over in San Francisco).”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“If it’s leopard, I’m into it.”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“I’m a sneakers kind of girl—especially Chucks, Nikes & Shell Toe Adidas. I love high-tops with fun leggings.”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“Sunglasses are a tour essential. And Advil.”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“Sometimes, all I need is a sweatshirt-and-jeans kind of day.”


Photo: Hannah Hooper

“I like to add my own flavor to denim shirts on tour. #SpreadingRumours”

(P.S. Grouplove’s new album, Spreading Rumours, is out now. You can catch them ~and Hannah’s awesome outfits~ on tour in a city near you by peeping their dates here.)

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