The 'Big Tips Texas' Cast Shows Us How to Shop Like A 'Red Neck Heaven' Girl


Mimi and Amber shop for work clothes.
Photo: MTV

Blazers, slacks, pumps, some sensible button-ups and perhaps a high-waisted pencil skirt or two. These are the tried-and-true basics found in most women’s work wardrobes. But for the ladies of Big Tips Texas, MTV’s new reality show about a rowdy lil’ honky-tonk bar outside of Dallas, the key to daily dressing lies in the cut of your underwear. Any lingerie that shows the crease of your butt is a ~definite~ no-go, says Amber (a.k.a. Sexy Kitty), who’s worked at the bar since the day it opened. But throw a sheer chemise on over a thong and it might as well be Casual Friday at Red Neck Heaven. Oh! Well, that makes sense. (Actually, no it doesn’t.)


Mimi finds a top with just enough coverage.
Photo: MTV

The girls are well-aware that the Red Neck Heaven dress code can be a little confusing. Even new girl, Mimi, is still figuring things out. For example: One might think that a pearl-adorned bralet would add a touch of class to the barmaids’ skimpy style, but Amber is quick to point out that the pearls won’t work because “side-boob and under-boob have to be covered.” OH. OF COURSE. Wait, what? Think “scandalous, but sexy,” Amber says.

Don't get it twisted, though! Scandalous on top and prom dress on the bottom does not the money make. Guys “want to see it all right in front of their face.” (They just don't get to see the side-boob.) Senseless? Maybe. Effective? Definitely. These women know what they're doing. And one thing’s for sure: despite what you’ve heard, Texas ain’t ALL about ten-gallon hats and steel-toed boots, y’all. (It’s about lingerie, too.)

Big Tips Texas premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.


How To Shop Like A Red Neck Girl

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