Get Justin Bieber's DJ Bruce Lee T-Shirt!


What? You didn't know Bruce Lee was a DJ?
Photo: @justinbieber's Instagram

Justin Bieber doesn’t always wear shirts (actually, make that rarely), but when he does, he makes sure they’re really cool—like this "DJ Bruce Lee" tee from Urban Outfitters ($28.00), for example. Yesterday, Bieber snapped a neck-down selfie of the soft knit shirt, which depicts Lee, a martial artist made famous in films from the seventies, as a modern-day DJ. HI-YAH! *wicki-wicki!* (That's a record scratch sound FYI.) In the re-purposed still, a shirtless DJ Bruce Lee looks all set to spin with his super-imposed headphones, a pair of tinted aviators and a gold medallion necklace (but in actuality, he was probably about to karate-chop the crap out of someone). “This shirt is so hard …” Bieber captioned the photo. (Not as hard as your abs! WHAAAT!)

Bieber later posted a video of himself wearing the same shirt during a sit-down with his manager, Scooter Braun, where the two appeared to be talking about the release of his next single (SQUEE!). OK, but TBH, it didn’t turn out to be so much a “sit-down” as it was a “spin-out.” Ever the perpetual goof, Bieber stopped Braun mid-sentence as he pushed off in his big, black rolling business chair and yelled the once-infamous World of Warcraft rebel-yell, “LEEROY JENKINS!” before running smack-dab into the corner of a wall. LOL, Biebs. You so crazy. You also happen to be adorable, which is why we’ll let it slide that that joke is from like, 7 years ago. *wink*

Will you be snagging Justin’s Bruce Lee tee? Do you think Bruce Lee would have had a DJ gig on the side if he were still alive/born in the era of electronic jamz?

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