Halloween 2013: Katy Perry Costume Ideas

It's no secret that Katy Perry loves Halloween. She loves it almost as much as we do. Last year alone she wore a vampire costume and dressed as Jane Lane from Daria. (Way to make the rest of us look bad with our one costume, KP.) Katy loves Halloween so much she launched her own costume shop within her official merch store. There's a "Roar" music video costume and a "Roar" single Sukajan jacket that we're O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with, but here at MTV Style we like to do things our own way, which is why we've assembled three Katy Perry costumes of our own.


Katy Perry

You're not stranded in the jungle like Katy Perry in her 'Roar' video but you can look like you are.
Photo: Capitol Records/ASOS/Papermart/PaperGoods

Katy sports several jungle-friendly looks in her "Roar" video (we broke down the entire thing here, BTW), but it's her final palm skirt, leopard print crop top, floral crown look that deserves recognition. The lady is adaptable: her plane crashed in the jungle and she looks like this! Since crop tops and floral headbands are so ~in~ right now, both can be found pretty easily in stores and online. The skirt, on the other hand, will require a bit of craftiness, but it'll all be worth it when you can say to people, "See this? I made it. I'm a regular ol' Martha Stewart over here." You'll need to cut the green table cloth into strips, tie each one around a ribbon, and then tie the ribbon around your waist. If Queen Katy can look like that in the jungle, you should be able to look even better: you have technology and scissors on your side!

+ Top: ASOS Mix and Match Halter Leopard Print Bikini Top ($32.04)

+ Floral Crown: ASOS Bouquet Garland Headband ($17.80)

+ Ribbon: Papermart Satin Finish Ribbon ($6.76)

+ Tablecloth: PaperGoods Lime Green Rectangle Plastic Table Cover ($1.29)


Katy Perry

Look like Katy when she performed under the Brooklyn Bridge at the 2013 VMAs.
Photo: Getty/Epic Sports/CVS/Muay Thai Stuff/American Apparel/Spirit Halloween

Katy's first live performance of "Roar" was at our very own 2013 VMAs. ICYMI, Katy performed under the Brooklyn Bridge in a "Roar"-ified Rocky getup. We're in favor of this costume because, um, look how comfy it is? A sports bra and shorts? That's what I sit around my house in all night, every night. There are a few elements that set the look apart from, say, any boxer out there, namely, a tiger-striped sports bra and flame-emblazoned boxing shorts. Also, French braided pigtails. So everyone is clear on who you are, you can cover the KOMBAT logo with a ROAR sticker like Katy did, or you can carry a microphone so people know you're not dressed for fighting. Either that or they'll know you fight dirty.

+ Sports Bra: Epic Sports Animal Print Sports Bra ($17.89)

+ Shorts: KOMBAT Gear Black Stain Shorts With Flame ($9.99)

+ Gloves: CVS Rolled Gauze ($2.99)

+ Socks: American Apparel Stripe Knee-High Socks ($10.00)

+ Microphone: Spirit Halloween Glitter Microphone ($4.99)


Katy Perry

RIP 'California Gurls' Katy Perry.
Photo: Capitol Records/American Apparel/Urban Outfitters/Neato Shop/Halloween In Style/CVS

Before Katy was in the jungle or performing at the VMAs, she was a "California Gurl." That California Gurl is dead and gone at the hands of "Roar"-era KP and she's not apologizing. When will she apologize? When zombie California Gurl Katy Perry COMES 4 HER. This costume requires either an old Katy Perry costume you have laying around from H-Ween 2010. OR you can make a new one with glue, inflatable cupcakes (or real ones if you want to make a lot of friends quickly), and a blue wig. Now that you look like old Katy, you need to get your zombie on, in whichever way you prefer. We're partial to a lot of white face powder and heavy black eye makeup, but it's up to you. You can go around asking if anyone's seen "Roar"-era Katy Perry and then say, "She's the one that got away." Then everyone will LOL at your Katy Perry pun and you can leave the party. Your work there is DONE.

+ Top: American Apparel 2X1 Racerback Cropped Tank ($22.00)

+ Shorts: Urban Outfitters Pinup Shorts ($39.00)

+ Wig: California Gurl Blue Wig ($22.85)

+ Cupcake: NeatoShop Inflatable Cupcake ($6.95)

+ Eyeshadow: COVERGIRL Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Molten Black ($4.99)

Katy will be performing at the 20th annual MTV EMA from Amsterdam’s cutting-edge Ziggo Dome on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 6:30 p.m. ET on MTV. Catch it on MTV channels around the world (air times may differ by region).

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