Have Your #covermoment With Becky G In NYC!


Wanna meet Becky G?.
Photo: MTV

We know you. We love you. We stalk your dreams and steal secrets from your mind like Leo does in Inception. JK! We would need Joseph Gordon-Levitt on-hand to make that possible, but he’s been really busy lately, so we’re just going to ~guess~ what your dreams are made of instead. Justin Timberlake swinging Miley Cyrus-style on a wrecking ball? No, that’s too obvious. Um, a half-naked David Beckham modeling underwear for H&M? Oh, right. That’s already a reality (SCORE). We know this! Your dream issss … to attend a concert featuring Becky G and Austin Mahone in NYC, shake hands with Becky herself AND get a free COVERGIRL makeover?! DING DING DING!

Lucky for you, if you want to make that dream as real as those pics of David Beckham in his manties, it's RULL easy. You can have your very own #covermoment with Becky G in NYC by visiting covermoment.com/beauty, clicking on the Becky G Sweepstakes block and filling out the enclosed entry form. By doing so (which should take you, like, all of 4 minutes MAX), you’ll have the chance to win:

+ 2 tickets to Becky G and Austin Mahone's Artists to Watch concert in NYC on Thursday, October 24, 2013

+ 2 Roundtrip airfare tickets to NYC and hotel accommodations for you and a guest

+ Access to a Meet & Greet with Becky G (*SQUEAL!*)

+ 100% free COVERGIRL makeover

Like we said—RULL easy. The toughest part by FAR will be deciding what to wear if you win. Enter the sweepstakes ASAP, and scour your closet immediately thereafter. Good luck!

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