Halloween 2013: Government Shutdown Costume Ideas

Along with giving you a chance to role play as someone else—be it superhero, vampire, or Miley CyrusHalloween can also be a good opportunity to show everyone how politically clever/satirical you are (assuming you're not already doing that every week as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast and writing team). Last year, we had the 2012 Presidential Election and that unforgettable Big Bird comment from Mitt Romney as topical inspiration. This year, we have the government shutdown.


Government Shutdown

Statue of Liberty and Lincoln Memorial closed for business.
Photo: Spirit Halloween/Zoro Tools

When the government shuts down, so do the government owned and operated national parks and monuments. That means: your plans to visit all those historically rich American landmarks have been foiled until things are back up and running again. Make your Statue of Liberty costume current events-appropriate by wearing a "Sorry, we're closed" sign around your neck. Or go more D.C.-centric as a closed Lincoln Memorial.

+ Statue of Liberty: Statue Of Liberty Adult Women's Costume ($26.99)

+ Statue of Liberty Torch: Light Up Liberty Torch ($6.99)

+ 'Sorry, We're Closed' Sign: Open/Closed Sign ($2.29)

+ Abraham Lincoln Costume: Abe Lincoln Men's Costume ($39.99)

+ 'Closed, Please Call Again' Sign: Open Closed Store Sign With Clock ($3.99)

$$$ MONEY $$$

Government Shutdown

All about the Benjamins.
Photo: Topshop/Love Melrose

Money. It's at the center of this whole government shutdown. From the spending budget disagreements that directly led to the shutdown to the $1 billion a week it's projected to cost the economy. And, of course, there's that ever-growing national debt. Swaddle yourself head-to-toe in cold hard cash print and interchange which of these things you tell people is the basis for your costume.

+ Money Shirt: All-Over Money Print Shirt ($80.00)

+ Money Crop Top: Money Print Crop Top ($14.00)

+ Money Leggings: Money Print Leggings ($22.50)


Government Shutdown

Ready at a moment's notice.
Photo: Kohl's/Target/Walmart

Speaking of money, over 800,000 furloughed non-essential government employees won't be receiving paychecks while things are shut down (though, the House did just pass a bill granting these workers back pay). If dressing up as a furloughed federal worker is something you might be into, here's an idea: a suit jacket, dress shirt, and red/blue/red-white-and-blue tie on top, cartoon pajama pants (or whatever your preferred loungewear may be) on the bottom. Adding in a box of your favorite cereal is optional, but I know that's what I eat at home in my PJs. Also, while marathon-watching Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World, but that's just me.

+ Suit Jacket: Adolfo Classic Fit Solid Gray Suit Jacket ($90.00)

+ Pajama Pants: Mario Juniors Sleep Pant ($16.99)

+ Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal ($3.38)

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