Lady Gaga Unveils Her Jeff Koons-Designed 'ARTPOP' Cover

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' album cover.
Photo: Lady Gaga

Little Monsters, it's the day you've been waiting for! Lady Gaga just unveiled the cover of ARTPOP, a month before the album's release on November 11th. Gaga began teasing the cover and its release over the weekend, but she's been talking about how it's her "FAVORITE" of all her covers for weeks. The reason it's her fave? It was designed by Jeff Koons.

Koons, who Gaga namechecks in "Applause," is an artist known for turning common objects into art, usually sculptures. His most iconic work, for instance, is a replica of a balloon dog, but gigantic and made of stainless steel. There's no way that thing is deflating. The ARTPOP cover features a naked Gaga, with only her hands and a gazing ball strategically placed. The figure on the cover, though, is not Gaga IRL, rather, it's a sculpture that Koons made of her that will also be featured at the ARTPOP release party.

The sculpture also appears to take inspiration from his most recent series, "Gazing Ball." The pieces in the collection all feature blue gazing balls (#consistency) balanced atop white plaster sculptures. Gaga's sculpture, outfitted with blunt bangs, long blonde hair, and not much else, is not made of white plaster, but it is a far cry from the colorful ARTPOP-era Gaga we've been peeping as of late. If Jeff Koons wants to give up his personal artistic aspirations, he could probably definitely get a job at Madame Tussauds: that is one realistic looking sculpture.

The cover art doesn't stop with the sculpture. Behind plaster Gaga are spliced images, including Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus," which makes 100% sense, given Gaga's Applause video and Botticelli-inspired bikinis. The sculpture also appears to be sitting in a giant gold seashell. "Venus" is errywhere on this cover.

Congrats, Gagaloo, you're going to be a Koons for way longer than one second! You'll be one foreva!

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