Food Friday: Puttin' On Popcorn


Curl up with a bowl of this clothing.
Kate Spade/Mr. Gugu & Miss Go/Society 6/Pozzanghere/Target

Happy Friday, y'all! Friday means new movie releases and movies mean POPCORN (at least in our minds, anyway). We scoured the interwebz for the best popcorn-themed food out there because--hello!--how awesome would it be to eat popcorn while wearing popcorn? Eating the popped stuff in normal clothes is fine, but in popcorn-themed swag? ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER. Plus, most of the stuff we found is perfect for ~lounging~. BRB, getting all this stuff, putting it on, microwaving some popcorn, and watching all the Netflix.

We found two popcorn-print shirts this week, both of which are ideal for throwing on and not removing until Monday (or maybe Tuesday, since your frandz/coworkers/peers don't know what you wore all weekend). The first is short-sleeve and has mesh panels for increased wind flow. The second is a sweatshirt with all-over popcorn print and (even better!) has matching leggings. Um, why would anyone need anything else to wear, ever? Answer: they don't! The leggings can be paired with either shirt for a full-popcorn ensemble (hello, Halloween, all weekends), or with a non-food print for a subtler look (hello, Thursdays).

We found popcorn socks to embellish your head-to-literal-toe look, or that you can wear under your clothes so your popcorn adoration is private. There's also a tote bag that doesn't feature any actual kernels of corn, but rather the iconic print on old-timey popcorn bags. You can carry your things in it OR you can fill it with popcorn, which is totally expected. Finally, there's an iPhone case that features gold popcorn because #LUXURY. While you may not want to eat gold popcorn (or maybe you do, IDK your life), it would look just fine dressing up your phone.

If you need us this weekend, you know where to find us: watching movies and eating popcorn while wearing popcorn all ova #meta.

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