We Found Miley Cyrus' Neon T-Shirt By Di$count Universe


Miley snaps a selfie in a shirt from Discount Universe.
Photos: @mileycyrus' Twitter/Discount Universe

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus tweeted a mirror selfie while brushing her teeth with the caption #neverforget. We kind of walked away that day scratching our heads (Never forget … to brush for two minutes? Never forget … to keep your bedazzled phone charged?)—but now, after seeing pics of her wearing the exact same shirt in her very ~adult~ photoshoot with Terry Richardson (SUPER NSFW), it all makes a lot more sense (#neverforget the Terry shoot because BURNED into our brains forever). And since we’re clearly keeping tabs on every movement Miles makes (Heh. “Movement.” Get it? Like the documentary? Sorry, we couldn’t help it.), we decided to track down her crazy-vivid tee, which is still available for purchase! (Although, it’s mad expensive, so we’re not necessarily suggesting that you do.)

We kind of had to adjust our eyes to take in the tie-dyed explosion that is Miley’s oversized Di$count Universe t-shirt. Those neons are BRIGHT, y’all. But once we blinked back into focus, we noticed that the hands, pursed into praying posish, kind of resemble the way Cyrus has been accessorizing her own hands as of late: long, painted nails and heavy hardware on the fingers and wrists. And we have to admit, the shirt is pretty hypnotizing if you stare at it long enough. There’s a lot to look at and those colors are intense. Would we pay $179 to pop its tag? Doubtful. But do we think it’s rad and right for Miley? Totally.

Would YOU pay that price to look like Miley?

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