Katy Perry And Her Crew Wear Coordinating Kenzo For 'Le Grand Journal'


Katy Perry and co. get ready for Le Grand Journal.
Photo: @katyperry's Twitter

As you may have noticed, Katy Perry’s been in Paris this week getting the VIP treatment at Fashion Week and just generally looking lovely. But it appears she’s there for play AND work, as Perry recently tweeted that tonight she’ll be appearing on Le Grand Journal, a French nightly news and talk show. (And by the looks of the rehearsal photo, there's gonna be a performance and it's gonna be RULL colorful.) But wait, there's more! We also got to peep a pre-show pic of the singer and her crew wearing like, every possible type of garment that’s ever been made in Kenzo’s flying tiger print. Seriously though.

The dudes got decked out in pants, button-ups, crew-necks and blazers, all of which were styled in a completely different way with black and tan accents. Then there’s Katy and her girls, who are rocking A-line belted dresses with not one, but TWO different necklines. Perry picked some open-toed ROYGBIV strappy stilettos to accessorize her outfit, while Katy’s ladies wore matching pairs of burgundy, wood-heeled lace-up boots with a flash of black sock. Now THAT is how matchy-matchy is done. Go on brush ya bare shoulders off, girl! Perry’s album-themed style game is on POINT with this one, y’all, and we have to say—she really knows how to rock and roar! (Heh.)

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