Beyonce Gives Herself A Breast Cancer Awareness Month Manicure


Beyonce paints her nails pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Photo: Getty Images/@beyonce Instagram

If you thought you were low-maintenance because you only get a manicure every once in a blue moon, consider this: Beyonce paints her own nails (or did at least one time). And there's even photographic evidence. Queen Bey took to Instagram to show us that she was in the midst of painting her pinky pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. If we can see both her hands, who is taking the pic, Blue Ivy? Jay? Her nails were already pink (she probably did those herself, too, LBR), but then she added some ~sparkle~. Pink on pink. Casual four fingers, fancy pinky.

Of course, this is Beyonce we're talking about here, so her nails are attached to fingers that are prettttty well-stacked with rings. 3 blinged-out rings, in a row, to be exact. What're those rings resting on? Oh, y'know, NBD, a Louis Vuitton bag/suitcase/manicure station. When I do my nails it's the same situation: I take out any designer goods I can find and get painting. The leather is so much softer under the hands than harsh paper towels that prevent the paint from staining. As Beyonce/I always say, "If you're going to do your own nails, you may as well make it extremely LUXURIOUS."

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