Rita Ora Got A Gunmetal Grill


Rita Ora shows off her grill.
Photo: @ritaora's Instagram

And (see above) we do not mean "for her patio at an end-of-summer sale!" Although, I wouldn't really be mad if that was the news and Rita Ora wanted to invite me over for a cook-out. Just sayin'. Patio grills are exciting, too. (I’ll bring the buns.) But, as per the photo, Ora got a grill for her TEETH and debuted it on Instagram today while #bored and #inameeting (so say the photo's captions). Personally, we prefer to doodle in those situations so that it at least looks like you’re taking notes, but then again, we also don’t have a new grill (or an old one, for that matter) to show off to our 1.5 million followers. So, carry on, Rita!

The UK singer paired her shiny oral accessory with an orange metallic snap-back cap from House of Holland, tortoise tinted shades and that ever-present red-lipped smile. Sunglasses AND selfies in a meeting? Girl, you cray. Thanks to our pro-sleuthing, we’ve figured out that Ora is praaahbably taking care of bidness back in the UK by now though, which must be tough to adjust to after living it UP at Paris Fashion Week. That being said, here’s a few things we think were discussed during her meeting that gave our girl the yawns (besides like, just being tired from traveling or whatever):

1. The weather.

2. What everyone had for lunch.

3. What everyone’s got planned for the weekend.

4. How many feathers one can wear without looking like an over-dressed bird.

5. Whether Rita’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, is too hot to be kept and should be released back into the wild. (The answer is yes.)

6. Whether grills prevent or attribute to gingivitis. (TBD.)

7. Boring business stuff.

8. More boring business stuff.

9. The Jonas Brothers' eyebrows.

10. Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows.

Do you dig Rita's new grill? Do you kind of want one now? (We do.) What do YOU think was so boring about her meeting?

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