Halloween 2013: Miley Cyrus Costume Ideas

If you live on this planet ("Hi! I'm Earth. Have we met?"), there's a chance you may have heard by now that Miley: The Movement, airs tonight. *SQUEAL* It's basically gonna be like Christmas, but with more twerking, less wreaths and like, a TON of tongue. ICYMI, Miley Cyrus, Queen of Can't Stop/Won't Stop, has had a pretty may-jah year, so we thought it only fitting to pay tribute to the artist-formerly-known-as Hannah Montana with the sincerest form of flattery: Halloween costumes, DUH. Oh. What? You thought all the foam fingers would be sold-out by now? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. (Go. Buy. Now.) And BTW, you won't find any pre-packaged costumes here. NEWP. *hair flip* We decided to get RULL creative to help you put together your favorite Miley moment: from that VMAs performance to one of the first times we saw her twerk (in a unicorn onesie, no less) and even alllll the way back to the vintage Miley days of The Disney Channel—we are hookin' you up with some super-sweet outfits that will a.) provoke jealousy b.) get people talking and c.) prahhhbably rile up the Parents Television Council. So, you're welcome.



Be Miley from this year's VMAs!
Photos: Getty Images/Covergirl/American Apparel/Nasty Gal/Amazon

You've seen it, you know it, you love it and you totes don't get what all the fuss was about. When Miley ripped off her fuzzy-wuzzy wuz a leotard on stage at the 2013 VMAs, gasps echoed through the crowd. It was awesome. Cyrus rocked a nude, latex two-piece and white platform sneakers for the second part of her performance, and chose to accessorize the look with a simple, now-infamous foam finger. But don't stress! We get it—not everyone has the cajones to be quite as ~bold~ as Miley, so we tried to achieve her VMAs look with a little more, um, coverage. The mesh panel on this pale-colored bodysuit gives the illusion of belly-bearing, without having to worry about like, doing crunches and stuff.The matching gym shorts allow you to go about your trick-or-treating without showing everyone your booty and the bright red lipstick will make sure that your words stand out in a crowd. (As if the foam finger won't do that already.)

+ Bodysuit: American Apparel Play Mesh Sunsuit ($48.00)

+ Shorts: American Apparel High-Waist Denim Short ($24.00)

+ Lipstick: Covergirl Continuous Lip Color in Really Red ($4.99)

+ Foam Finger: Old Glory Miley Cyrus Twerk Foam Finger ($9.95)

+ Shoes: Nasty Gal ZOMG Platform Sneaker ($65.00)



A stripe-suited Robin Thicke from the 2013 VMAs.
Photos: Getty Images/Urban Outfitters/ModCloth/ASOS/Converse

No faux-nude twerking Miley would be complete without her sexy umpire co-star, Robin Thicke! Oh. You didn't know that Robin Thicke was supposed to be an umpire? *brushes shoulders off* OK, neither did we until yesterday. And while we're still not totally sure what he was refereeing that night (all those dancing bears were def playing by the rules of the VMAs), the Beetlejuice-striped suit suddenly made a WHOLE lot more sense when we noticed the gold whistle necklace around his neck. (Yeah, yeah. We are seriously just now noticing that he was wearing a necklace. But can you really blame us? Because Miley.) Ladies, this two-piece black-and-white suit is the perfect excuse to get your costume-shy dude off the couch on October 31st. And the aviators are ideal for when he doesn't want people to know that he can't take his eyes off your foam finger. BONUS: That sweet gold necklace will make a stylish addition to your everyday steez once he's done with it and (DOUBLE BONUS), those limited edition Jack Purcell x Converse leather sneaks will make a stylish addition to his.

+ Suit: Urban Outfitters Tripp NYC Stripe Top Cat Jacket ($99.00) and Pant ($68.00)

+ Shirt: ASOS Smart Shirt With Double Cuff ($30.38)

+ Shoes: Converse Low, Leather Jack Purcell ($70.00)

+ Necklace: ModCloth Whistle While You're Workin' Necklace ($16.99)

+ Sunglasses: ASOS Gold Aviator Sunglasses ($10.97)



Wop in a onesie like Miley.
Photos: @mileycyrus' Twitter/Urban Outfitters

This one goes out to all the lazy ladies out there who want to be relevant AND comfortable. (Unless you're the kind of person who lounges in spandex bodysuits. Then maybe the VMAs look is best. IDK, choose your own adventure here, you guys.) Back in March, Smiley Miley posted a grainy video of her twerking alone to J. Dash's "WOP," a song that came out in 2010, but got revived with a little bit of bend and bounce in black-and-white. She was just a girl, in a unicorn costume, wanting to show the world she could booty-pop, you guys. Why a unicorn? No clue. But it's adorable, nonetheless. You can pick up your own adorable unicorn onesie from Urban Outfitters, and seamlessly go straight from droppin' it like it's hot to droppin' your rear on the couch without ever having to change clothes.

+ Onesie: Urban Outfitters Kigurumi Unicorn Costume ($80.00)



Remember when Miley was Hannah Montana?
Photos: Disney/Hanes/Walmart/Kaboodle/Toys"R"Us/Forever 21/Dr. Martens

But before she was swinging nekked on a wrecking ball, before she went pixie, even before she was just being Miley, Ms. Cyrus was best known to her loyal fans as Hannah Montana. It's hard to believe that the final episode of the eponymous Disney Channel sitcom was just a little more than two years ago—because there has been SO much Miley news since then. As Hannah Montana, the secret pop-star alter-ego of a "normal" girl, Miley donned a long, blonde wig and often wore a ton of flouncy dresses that got toughened up with leather accents and clunky boots. Lucky for you, this outfit has ALL of those things AND an awesome pink microphone. One fingerless glove only, though! #FASHUN

+ Dress: Forever 21 Tulle-Lined Polka Dot Dress ($24.80)

+ Shirt: Hanes Women's Nano-T T-shirt in Wow Pink ($10.00)

+ Boots: Dr. Martens 1460 Boots in White ($120.00)

+ Gloves: Walmart Daxx Men's Fingerless Leather Motorcycle Gloves ($7.99)

+ Microphone: Toys"R"Us First Act Discovery Voice Rockrz Mic ($19.98)

+ Wig: Kaboodle Long Blonde With With Bangs ($45.99)

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