Vanessa Hudgens Debuts Fall-Inspired Hair

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens debuts her new 'do on Instagram.
Photo: @vanessahudgens Instagram

Aww yeahhhh, Vanessa Hudgens just turned up the ombre hair game by 1000%. The dark on top, light on bottom look has been around for a while and was due for a change, and Vanessa is just the lady to provide that ~inspiration~. V. Hudg, a proud member of the Frequently Changing Hair Club™, debuted her new look on Instagram and only one word comes to mind: autumnal. That word could be stuck in our brains because her caption tells us it's her "autumn hair" (my autumn hair is the same as my winter, spring, and summer hair!), OR it could be because the blend of red, yellow, and brown really evokes a feeling of fall foliage. I know exactly what having nature-inspired hair is like: mine often feels and looks like a nest.

The top of Vanessa's hair is her natural brown, but instead of just blonde woven in at the bottom, she's thrown in a little red halfway down. Normally, the changing of the leaves makes us sad. Sure, it's pretty, but it also means winter is on its way and we're never to see daylight again (JK, only for, like, four months)! Vanessa's changing hair, though, leaves us excited for alllll the seasonal hair changes we (read: she) can try. For instance, a light blue and gray à la Rihanna for winter? Sure, dyeing your hair for each season may not keep it in tip-top healthy shape, but no one will know what to expect from you. Like, we're not sure what to expect from Vanessa next! Maybe she'll go back to plain ol'ombre, or maybe, just maybe, she'll paint us a a beautiful winterscape IN HER HAIR.

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