Herve Leger Sends Nicki Minaj A Barbie And We Have Some Questions About It


Nicki Minaj and the Limited Collector's Edition Herve Leger Barbie.
Photos: Getty Images/Herve Leger

BARBZ! Hold on to your braless shirts, because the news is about to get meta. First things first, let’s rehash some facts:

1.) Nicki Minaj is a fan of Herve Leger. Big time. We know this because:

a. Those bathing suits.

b. That front-row worthy black-and-white harnessed dress. (Point of interest: Harnesses are still happening, but they are NOT for the faint of heart.)

c. Those leather jogging pants. (That apparently Kanye was actually the first to create, ICYMI.)

Etc., etc. and so forth. Basically, there’s nary a bandage-garment that Nicki’s curves didn’t like, and it seems as if the feeling is mutual. (Aww, love!)


Nicki Minaj's special delivery.
Photo: @nickiminaj's Instagram

Fact 2.) Herve Leger just put out a Collector’s Edition Barbie doll and it also comes equipped with a harness and black-and-white bandage dress. *pause for effect* Innnteresting. In an interview with Lubov Azria, the Chief Creative Officer for BCBG Max Azria, she says that if Barbie were a real person, she wouldn't be just any Herve Leger client, she’d be a Herve Leger elite client. Azria then went on to say that one of the inspirations behind the Herve Barbie was “the iconic customer … she’s always on the red carpet, she’s always getting photographed.” Someone, perhaps, like ya girl, Nicki?

Fact 3.) Minaj is, straight-up, a Barbie girl. In a Barbie world. We know this because she said it in her song, “Barbie Girl.” (Also, duh.)

Fact 4.) (Here’s the kicker!) Herve Leger personally sent her Minajesty the Collector’s Edition Barbie before the doll hit shelves for the general public. We know this because she Instagrammed it, and we've been stewing about it ever since.

So why would Herve ~randomly~ gift Barb a Barbie? Are they just being nice and thoughtful? Or—and this is where we get rull rumor-monger-y—is it a sign of something bigger? Is she perhaps the brand’s newest muse? Can we expect a collaboration in the near future? What would a collaboration like that entail? A song dedicated to the brand? A collection dedicated to the Barb? A(nother) Barb dedicated to the Barb?! OMG SO MANY BURNING QUESTIONS. HALPPPPPPPP!

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