Iggy Azalea Goes Grunge Goth For ‘Paper’ Magazine

Iggy Azalea covers ’Paper’ magazine.
Photo: Paper

In between the VMAs and performing and making ALL of the rounds at ALL of the Fashion Weeks (for realsies), Iggy Azalea somehow managed to find the time to pose for the latest issue of Paper magazine. We’ve seen her rock a LOT of looks since she first twerked onto the scene—from Bollywood dancer to trailer park renegade to high rollin’ showgirl to bootlicious Bettie Page (is anyone else sweating trying to keep up?)—but this grunge goth steez she’s sportin’ on the cover of Paper’s “Nightlife” issue? This is brand spankin’ new and we hate it. JK, WE LOVE IT. But seriously, we love it. She is channeling Sky Ferreira x vintage Courtney Love in a major way and it is giving us LIFE. It’s no wonder that the 23-year-old Australian rapper is doing ‘90s right, though. Her fuzzy plaid cardigan, leopard-splattered dress, dot tights, belt and tiny pearl strands are ALL courtesy of Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent. (Who, duh, just happen to count both Ferreira and Love as muses.)


Iggy Azalea for ’Paper’ magazine.
Photo: Paper

But Azalea’s always had good taste, even before she could afford to wear big-name designers. “I used to go to high-end stores in L.A. when I was broke,” she says. “I’d pretend I was a rich white lady, and I’d try things on, and they’d bring me champagne. Now Pucci has a mannequin made exactly to my size, just for me, so they can make me dresses. It blows my mind that somewhere in Pucci-land, there’s a mannequin of me.” Oh, you fancy, huh? *flips hair*

Inside the spread, she continues to get her grunge on in a series of goth-glam looks, all of which are complimented by her blood-red M.A.C. Diva lipstick. (BRB buying, bought, wearing forever.) Iggy LITERALLY stops traffic in a vintage flannel Gap shirt, Louis Vuitton black lace bra-top, studded Saint Laurent moto boots and—get this—a leather and grommet-adorned Burberry trench worn as a skirt. YUP. Did you catch that? The woman is rocking a coat as a skirt and TBH, I would have never known if it weren’t spelled out for me in the credits. Now that’s good #FASHUN. (P.S. Do not try this at home. Or do and send us a full photo tutorial.)

To read the full interview with Iggy Azalea and peep the rest of her grunge goth pics, head on over here.

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