Beyonce Brings Back Long Hair, Rocks New Outfit On Stage In Puerto Rico


Queen B takes the stage in Puerto Rico.
Photo: Robin Harper/Beyonce's Tumblr

You know those days when you tear out everything in your closet, only to end up wearing the very first thing you tried on? Well, if you’re Beyonce, you get to do that with your hair. #JEALLY Not that we blame her, of course. I mean, the woman has essentially dedicated multiple dance moves to the art of dramatic hair-whipping, so it makes total sense that she’d want to bring back the length. Also, she can do whatever she wants because she is the KING/KWEEN and we would bow down on bended knee regardless of her ‘do. (But TBH, her head rolls just would not be the same with a pixie, AMIRITE? Althooough, she would be a lot less likely to get her curls stuck in a fan. Just sayin’. #SAFETYFIRST)

Bey rocked her long hurr AND a new outfit on stage in Puerto Rico this weekend, where she wrapped up the Latin America leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Her performance threads consisted of two white ~sparkly~ separates, because what is a Beyonce concert without a little lot of bling? The top was cropped with a cleavage-baring cut-out, and the bottom was a high-waisted skirt with tiny boy shorts underneath (for extra–cautious coverage). P.S. Can we all agree now that wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a #FASHUN faux pas? BEY SAYS SO. Kthxbai. She also strutted her stuff on stage with a pair of gold, lace-up heeled booties, and we’re think it's pretty safe to assume that Blue Ivy praaahbably has an identical pair bronzed (golded?) with real gold, sitting on a gold shelf, inside a gold closet, which requires her to wade through solid gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. But cuter.

Are you glad that Beyonce’s luxurious mane is back? And do you think that her head rolls would look half as #BOSS without it?

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