Here’s Some Nail Art To Help You Mourn The End Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Photo: via KayleighOC

We knew we had to honor the end of Breaking Bad and what better way to do it than with nail art? Especially after we stumbled upon these INSANE BB nails complete with mini meth crystals in Walt’s signature blue. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of other ah-may-zing Breaking Bad-inspired designs out there, so we rounded them up to ease the pain of having to fill your Sunday nights with a new TV show.

Photo: via Spektor’s Nails

Swirly green polish topped with the Breaking Bad show logo’s “Br” and “Ba” (the periodic symbols for Bromine and Barium): we’ll miss you, opening scene that we saw 62 times. Also, where can we get this RV print shirt? ~*so many memories*~

Photo: via Nailsandriffs

These are not only super pretty and detailed, but, um, hello, the desert is where it all began (and ended for some people, RIP).

Photo: via Spektor’s Nails

Speaking of detail, hai tiny Heisenberg/Walter White. The rest of the nails are blue meth-ed out, but that white one (fitting!) is a perfect replica of Bryan Cranston’s scary drug kingpin face.

Photo: via The Nailasaurus

Finally, some science-y nails. “Yeah science!” – Jesse Pinkman, S.1, Ep. 7.

Goodbye forever, Breaking Bad. We will miss you, but you will continue to exist forever in our hearts. And on our nails.

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