Food Friday: What Time Is It? Taco Time


Take me to your tacos.
Photos: Urban Outfitters/Shop Jeen/Zazzle/ODYSSEYROC/Amazon

Here’s what we like about tacos: Everything. Seriously, there’s nothing bad about tacos. I dare you to name one thing. Other than when the hard corn shell sometimes cracks and splays your taco insides everywhere. That sucks. But that doesn’t count, so name one more thing that’s bad about tacos. *hums Jeopardy theme* See? You can’t do it. If you make them the right way, you can pretty much hit up every single food group within a single taco. Can sushi do that? Nope. Can hamburgers do that? Nope. Can pizza do that? OK pizza can also probably do that, but today we’re talking about tacos. And in honor of tacos (hard AND soft), we’ve rounded up a slew of the most tasty taco gear around. Break out the guac, y’all!



Taco Tuesday T-Shirt from ODYSSEYROC ($20.00)

Inspiration can come from the strangest places. Take this t-shirt, for example. Now I’ve seen a LOT of words on shirts in my day (and I do mean a LOT of words, my friends), but none quite so poignant as this. As the old acronym goes, YOLO, right? So live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday.


Photo: Amazon

Taco Wallet from Amazon($6.61)

"Taco! Burrito! What’s that in your … purse? It kind of looks like a wallet, but it also looks like a scrumptious hard-shelled snack." IT’S BOTH! Don’t eat it though, because it will probably taste like cloth and whatever crumbs have been living in the bottom of my bag.


Photo: Shop Jeen

Taco Socks from Shop Jeen ($16.00)

Socks are important. They keep your toes warm and (usually) prevent your feet from stankin’ your shoes up. Nobody likes a stanky shoe. But if your shoes DO start stankin’ one day, your feet should at least look like they smell delicious.


Photo:Shop Jeen

Taco iPhone Case from Shop Jeen ($10.00)

Tacos are kind of like conch shells: If you put one up to your ear, you can hear a mariachi band. JK that’s not true. But you can pretend that it is (and fool all your friends) every time you answer the phone, thanks to this tasty-looking taco-print phone case.


Photo: Etsy

Gold Taco Heart Necklace from Etsy ($16.00)

Hey LAY-DIEEES! Doesn’t it feel like you get hit on the most when you’re in a relationship? And UGH, fending off all those suitors with a stick is SUCH a hassle. Like, HELLO! Sticks are sharp and not cute to carry around. But thanks to this necklace, sticks are a thing of the past—because now, everyone will instantly know exactly who your heart belongs to.


Photo: Zazzle

I <3 Tacos Mesh Trucker Hat from Zazzle ($20.95)

PAGING ASHTON KUTCHER CIRCA 2003! We found this just for you. OK not really, but I bet Ashton Kutcher would have loved this trucker hat ten years ago almost as much as he loves Mila Kunis now. Almost. Of course, us common folk can (and do) love this hat, too. And I think the heart is made out of sequins, in which case BRB ordering ASAP.


Photo: Etsy

Tiny Taco Earrings from Etsy ($8.50)

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but tiny taco earrings come in at a close second. (And are way cheaper than diamonds, so, BONUS.) These little guys will go with almost anything, too! Just look at all the colors! They’ve even got Refried Bean Brown! I’m impressed.


Photo:Urban Outfitters

Taco Button-Down Shirt from Urban Outfitters ($29.99)

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. But not you, you’re different. You’re a tough guy. Stone cold, like Steve Austin. (But totally great once someone gets to know you.) And what do tough guys wear on their sleeves instead of their heart? Tacos, obviously. Why? Because you’re hard like a corn shell on the outside, but on the inside, you’re filled with a whooole lotta goodness.

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