Miley's Magazine Cover, Music Video, And More Top Our Headlines This Week

Miley Cyrus on the cover of Rolling Stone.
Photo: Rolling Stone

• Miley was errywhere this week, in, of course, minimal clothing. She was topless on the cover of Rolling Stone and in cut-up Michael Jordan swag in Mike Will Made It's "23" video.

• Miley also performed in pasties and no pants at the iHeart Radio Festival. Another iHeart Radio Festival performer? Drake, who also wore pasties. NAHHHT, he wore Jaden Smith's face on his shirt.

• Nicki Minaj wore a jacket sans shirt or bra because it was Wednesday. JK, it's 'cause she hates bras and she can.

• The Emmys were on Sunday (that was less than a week ago? WHAAAT?): we rounded up all the best red carpet looks. Kiernan Shipka, be cuter. O WAIT U CAN'T BE.

• The trailer for the second season of Ke$ha's "My Crazy Beautiful Life" was released, so we, obvi, counted all the cray Ke$ha #FASHUN we could spot. Number of moms in penis costumes: 1.

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