There's An Alarm Clock App For Justin Bieber's The Key Fragrance

Kanye West

Screenshots of Justin Bieber's The Key Fragrance app.
Photo: EA Fragrances Co.

Just when you thought it was quiet out in the beauty/style space for Justin Bieber (well, save that very relaxed adidas NEO campaign and Zach Galifinakis ragging on his hairstyles), KidRauhl has just reinvigorated interest in his latest (third) fragrance, The Key. Not with new campaign images or another fancy hotel-set commercial. Nope. He released an app. More specifically, an alarm clock app. For his fragrance. Does this compute?

If you're a little lost, we don't blame you. Sleep and perfumes don't often (ever?) go hand-in-hand. The rationale, we believe, is that the entire fragrance campaign has revolved around the idea of Bieber somehow unlocking your bedroom door (y'know, with The Key) to visit you at night. Whether that's in your dreams or IRL is left ~up to the imagination~.

This is just Part 3 of the Justin Bieber fragrance/marketing trilogy that so expertly plays RIGHT into the fantasy factory that is a teenage girl's mind, overflowing with hormones. First, there was Someday which whispered promises and Peter Pan-style flew Biebs into a girl's bedroom window with a flower-shaped bottle. Then, there was Girlfriend with its first person perspective commercial, showing a PG version of what it would be like to have Justin Bieber as your boyfriend. And now there's The Key with its black satin sheets, hotel rooms, and an alarm clock app that positions Justin's voice as the first you hear every morning.

That's right. On top of a little instrumental track, as soon as you slide to turn the alarm off, the app plays one of Bieber's pre-recorded greetings. The comment section of the app's iTunes Preview page reveals that some users have heard Justin say "Good morning" or "Rise and shine," but we (fortunately) got two of the more suggestive ones: "Did we meet last night?" and the very pick-up line-y "Did we meet in your dreams?" *GULP* *tugs at collar*

It seems The Key is a little more akin to Someday in that, there's probably no relationship involved. IDK about you, but "Did we meet last night?" feels suuuuuper one-night-stand-y. Tip if you ever do find yourself spending the night with Bieber: maybe don't use this app to set your alarm for the next morning. And while we're giving out advice, from a user experience standpoint *pushes sliding glasses up with index finger*, it looks like you can't delete alarms, so if, like me, you've been setting alarms every 5 minutes just to hear his voice over and over (#research), you're stuck with them forever.

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