Katy Perry Does 'Prism' Style For 'Billboard' Magazine

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on the cover of 'Billboard.'
Photo: Billboard

Billboard just released the cover to their upcoming issue, and it features none other than Katy Perry! The cover is v. similar to the Prism cover art: soft lighting and flowers, which makes sense, because both covers were shot by Ryan McGinley. So, is the Billboard cover a BIG REVEAL of what Katy's wearing on the Prism cover, or did Katy and Ryan hit up two different flower fields on separate occasions? Katy's hair and makeup are similar (read: natural looking) on both covers, so it's totally plausible they were both shot in one go, which prooooobably means *BIG REVEAL* Katy is wearing clothes on the Prism cover!

For Billboard she has on a (wrinkled) nude dress with gold chain halter straps and for the album cover she appears to only be wearing a sheer, iridescent wrap, so maybe she just, y'know, took the halter off for a little for some ~air~. The Billboard cover also features a few butterflies, which Prism does not, but it was probably someone's job to shoo them away for the Prism snap OR they, *GASP*, photoshopped those lil guys in. If a butterfly landed on my head IRL, I would not look as serene as Katy does.

The full Billboard issue comes out next week, so maybe we'll be treated to some deets on if they were the same shoot by then. OR find out Katy just liked her first flower field go-round (resulting Prism cover) so much she decided to go back for a second time. *Kanye shrug*

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