Nicki Minaj Hates Wearing Bras, Officially Confirms On 'Ellen'

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj on 'Ellen.'
Photo: The Ellen Degeneres Show's YouTube Page

As we all well know, Nicki Minaj decided to go no shirt, no bra, just jacket for her appearance on The Ellen Show, which airs this afternoon. The show posted a preview of Ellen's interview with her Minajesty and, though the clip is under two minutes, it provides a lot of insight into Nicki's style and fashion choices. Instead of willfully avoiding all eye contact as I would've done, Ellen engages Nicki and even offers her a bra of her own—so generous, that Ellen. Nicki then explains that she didn't wear a bra because she hates them. YOLO. A quick spin through Nicki's Instagram will confirm that, yes, she does hate bras and frequently does not wear them. Especially when she's wearing a jacket with no shirt on underneath. In the interview she doesn't mention shirts, but I guess she hates them too?

Nicki then turns her hatred up a level, declaring bras "like, the devil." The audience cheers: they agree, bras are the devil. That audience is NOT full of women who wake up every day and exclaim, "YAAAS. I GET TO WEAR A BRA TODAY, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. YIPEEEEE!" The full interview airs this afternoon, so there may be more bra talk then, but even if there's not, we now know that Nicki isn't just skipping a bra because of #FASHUN—she hates them, and her Minajesty does not do or wear things she does not like. Watch the clip below and boo any time the word "bra" is uttered!


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