Will Britney Spears Wear Only Luxury Bikinis In Full 'Work B****' Video?


Britney and her bikinis in her "Work B****" teaser video.
Photos: @britneyspears Instagram

YAAS! Looks like Britney Spears has been heeding her own advice because she is doing WERQUE, y’all. The Princess of Pop debuted a teaser from her video for “Work B****” on Instagram today, and HELLOOO LUXURY BIKINIS! The promo clip opens up with Britney looking RULL fierce at the edge of a pool, accompanied by a bevy of leather-clad dancers with knee-high stiletto boots, long-sleeved, zip-up bodysuits and shiny silver masks that you just KNOW Lady Gaga is dying to get her hands on (and probs Kanye, too). But let’s focus on what’s really important here: BRITNEY’S BIKINIS.

In the first few seconds of the video, Ms. Spears sports a rose gold metallic two-piece that looks very expensive, but also kind of distressed, like it got stuck in a paper shredder. Obvi, it’s amazing. And that hard-shelled top could totes deflect bullets, in case she were to encounter any during her desert dance party. Speaking of versatility, THE CUT-OFF HOTPANTS. If this sort of thing has existed before now, I have been blind—but now I am seeing, y'all. Do we think they’re water resistant? Because that would be revolutionary. Britney pairs the two-piece with some blinged-out Loubs and later adds a matching cropped shrug because there was probably a windstorm or something. But, like, a really glamorous one that keeps your hair looking expertly disheveled and doesn't kick any sand into your eyes.

Cut to Britney in her desert boudoir, sitting at her mirrored vanity, and she’s changed into yet another fancy bikini, as you do when you’re dancing in the desert. Is that her “Fantasy” perfume we spy in that pink bedazzled limited-edition bottle (thanks for the tip, Buzzworthy)? Yup! Sure is. Gotta stay fresh out there. This time around, BritBrit's in an Herve Leger-esque black top (which might actually be real Herve because Britney) and beachy waves. Also, a chunky gold and crystal necklace that we would really like to call our own and wear casually with, IDK, a white t-shirt and maybe those metallic hot-pants? Obvi, we appreciate the tiny tease, but we’re definitely going to need to see the rest of this video ASAP (especially if Britney's wearing ONLY bikinis in it #longlivesummer). Plz kthx.


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