Last Chance! MTV Style + CLEAR Want To Give You A New Fall Wardrobe!


Enter to win your dream fall wardrobe!
Photo: Topshop/Whistles/Urban Outfitters/ASOS

If you hear a sharp buzzing in your ear, don't be alarmed! Actually, DO be alarmed because that's US, sending out our style signal to alert you that your last chance to enter our "MTV Style 7 Looks Fall Challenge" contest is rapidly approaching! (You have until September 30th!) Instead of watching that one extra episode of Law and Order: SVU before you go to bed tonight, you should prahhhbably prep your entry instead. It's easy, we swear! (We even made a board of our own to show you how easy it is, but sadly, we can't win our own contests. WOMP!)


Hurry! Last chance to enter!
Photo: CLEAR

Here's how to win:

1. Follow @ClearHairCare and @MTVStyle on Pinterest (which, DUH, we’re sure you already do).

2. Create your own “MTV Style 7 Looks Fall Challenge” board.

3. (This is the fun part!) Pin at least 7 looks that will transform your fall style and include the hashtag #7LooksFallChallenge.

4. Post the link to your board in the comments section below OR email your link to

Piece o' cake, right? Just follow those simple steps and you could score a CLEAR Hair gift set and $1,000 to hook your closet up for fall. And then you will be the envy of the office nd we will weep into our tartan scarves, wishing we were you. JK we are TOTALLY happy when you're happy! DUH. (You can read the full set of rules here, BTW.)

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