Katy Perry, Ariana Grande And Lorde Give Us A Lesson In Schoolgirl Steez


Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Lorde sport schoolgirl style.
Photos: Getty Images/@arianagrande instagram/Getty Images

UM. We are having a serious case of FOMO over here. Did we miss the memo about a Britney Spears convention? Is there a worldwide pop quiz? (BRB brushing up on multiplication tables.) Or is everyone just getting, like, reeeally literal with their back to school shopping? Obvi, we know on Wednesdays we wear pink—but nobody said anything about wearing pleated skirts on Thursdays! (THX A LOT, REGINA GEORGE.) No matter the reason, one thing’s for sure: according to Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Lorde schoolgirl style is totally trending.

Yesterday, Katy Perry channeled Cher Horowitz at the Berlin launch of her Killer Queen fragrance with knee socks, a ginormous necktie and a plaid Alice + Olivia skirt suit. Actually, it was more like, “Cher Horowitz stars in the Off-Broadway production of The Sound of Music." (You’re welcome for that free idea, Off-Broadway producers.) KP’s really been digging on both the milkmaid braids and the ‘90s lately, so it’s high time she branded her new signature steez with a catchy label. Something like, Calcium Grunge or Plaid Udders. IDK. Let me get back to you on that.

Tiny diva cutie, Ariana Grande, also opted to accessorize her schoolgirl style with an oversized tie, as per this shot she posted on Instagram. (Everybody go ahead and take a minute to find a YouTube tutorial on tying ties, because this is apparently happening. Got it? K great.) Ariana worked a more Britney-esque angle on the trend by pairing an itty-bitty pleated skirt with a white button-up and a navy cardigan that is reee-he-he-heally close to being the same length as her skirt. Be careful getting out of vehicles in that thing, girl. #paparazzi #risktaker

And then there’s Lorde, the New Zealand singer-songwriter everyone and their mother (including us) is currently obsessing over. And you know what? She nails it. Because that’s exactly how my face would look (icy, not thrilled) if someone put me in a suspendered, knee-length pinafore and told me I had to retake AP History. JK she’s not in AP History, she’s about to be performing in Hollywood, which is a LOT more fun than learning about Czars and like, the Renaissance Period, IMHO. P.S. Sweet creepers! Give them to us.

Whose schoolgirl steez do you dig the most? Are you planning on wearing plaid and pleats this fall?

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