Is M.I.A Collaborating With Versace?


MIA at the Versace Winter 2013 show during Paris Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

According to M.I.A, yes, she has a collaboration with Versace, and, oh, NBD, it's coming out in two weeks. She apparently confirmed the news to a WWD reporter at the Balenciaga show this morning, simply saying, "I have a collaboration with Versace coming out in two weeks." M.I.A announces a collaboration with Versace the same way the rest of the world announces they're going to get a turkey sandwich for lunch: offhandedly and with no follow-up. But, HELLO, M.I.A, we need follow-up.

Could this be the second annual M.I.A x Versace partnership we never hear anything about again? Last November, she accidentally seemed to confirm a Versace collab when, at a talk, she projected her desktop on a screen, where there were folders named "Versace Prints," "Bootleg Versace," and "Versace Outlines." We all have those folders on our computers, though, so it's a tough call. So, was that another collab that never saw the light of day, or has M.I.A been toiling away on prints and designs for a year? Well, if the pieces actually come out in two weeks (or if there's confirmation from anyone other than M.I.A—we're looking at you, Versace), we'll see what she's been laboring on. Otherwise, we'll just wait 'til the third annual collaboration rumor coming in Fall 2014.

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