Ke$ha Goes Over The Rainbow With A New Dyed 'Do


Ke$ha and multi-colred strands.
Photo: @iiswhoiis instagram

Ooo LAWD. It looks like Ke$ha has summoned the sacred essence of Rainbow Brite for her new ‘do, y’all. (CAN I GET A WITNESS?) And TBH, I ain’t mad atcha, girl. I ain’t mad atcha. Not one bit. Would it work for me? Newp. Reason #1: My hair is RULL dark. Reason #2: ROYGBIV is a tough color-combo to match clothes to and I cannot be havin’ my hair throwin’ off my steez. No thx. I’ve spent way too much money binge-shopping online to be forced to ignore multi-colored prints and patterns for fear of the dreaded clash. But I digress. 

In the trailer for the second season of her hit reality show, My Beautiful Crazy Life, Ke$ha said that she once saw an “amazing” sign that read, “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” Well, she is livin’ the roadside gospel because her rainbow hair, which she debuted yesterday via Instagram, is undoubtedly making every 9-year-old girl from here to Alaska mad jeally. (Not to mention the 29-year-old girls, too. Ahem.) She’s like a real life My Little Pony or, as MTV Buzzworthy so astutely described, Trix Yogurt. NOM!

Can we also talk about how insanely healthy and shiny her dip-dyed ‘do looks? I once bleached and colored the tips of my hair electric pink (for approx. a week) and my ends were like, stuck-every-finger-in-an-electrical-socket fried. Not cute. Her color starts at the roots, so how on earth does she not look all freaky-freaky Bride of Frankenstein? *sigh* Glam squads. Those people can work miracles. (AMEN!)

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