Ke$ha's 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' Season 2 Trailer Style By The Numbers

Ke$ha My Crazy Beautiful Life Trailer

Animals, how are you doing? If you're anything like us, you just watched the trailer for the second season of Ke$ha's My Crazy Beautiful Life, like, fifteen times. There's a lot to take in! There are a TON of quintessential Ke$ha looks crammed into two minutes (face glitter, sparkly stage costumes, etc.etc.), so we've broken down everything you need to know, by the numbers. Immerse yourself in Ke$ha so you're ready for the second season's premiere on October 30th, when there will be even more Ke$ha #FASHUN.

Number of headbands Ke$ha wears: 5

Number of leotards Ke$ha wears: 4

Number of bathing suits Ke$ha wears: 3

Number of naked backup dancers wearing tiger masks: 2

Number men in crop tops: 1

Number of full-body animal costumes: 2

Number of moms in penis costumes: 1

Don't take our word for it, watch for yourself and see all the leotard, headband, and penis costume glory in motion!

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