Show Us Your #covermoment: Back To School

Things we DON’T like about going back to school: alarm clocks, Algebra, pencils, books and teacher’s dirty looks. Things we DO like about going back to school: fall fashion. (OK and learning. OK and also the cute boy in English class.) Like it or not, school is back in session, y’all! And it actually looks like you guys out there just MIGHT be enjoying yourselves! How do we know this, you ask? Because we’ve attached tiny cameras to all of your backpacks. JK that would be weird and creepy and mad expensive. We know you’re having fun because we’ve been scoping out your #covermoments and we've seen TONS of on-campus smiley shots!



Photo: via @ryleyyxoxo

Kicking off our brand spankin' new monthly #covermoment Spotlight, we picked our three favorite back-to-school #covermoments and are giving them a very special place right here on our humble blog. Want your own shot at the spotlight? Each month we'll pick a theme, and if you use Instagram plus the hashtag #covermoment to show us how you're rocking it, you could end up here too!



Photo: via @morgan_kayelynn

October's theme will be "EMPOWERMENT" (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month). Take a photo of yourself before, during or after you do something that makes you feel empowered and we'll pick our three faves to feature. Feeling good after a jog? #covermoment. Aced your History test? #covermoment. Climbed Mount Everest? #covermoment, but also WOW that will probably get you in some sort of record book, too.



Photo: via @cecilia_dm99

But for now, congrats to @ryleyyxoxo, @morgan_kayelynn and @cecilia_dm99. You guys are awesome! Check out their photos above and be sure to start showing us your #covermoment!

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