Miley Cyrus Goes Topless For 'Rolling Stone' Cover


Miley Cyrus covers 'Rolling Stone'.
Photo: Rolling Stone

You know that feeling you get sometimes on Saturday mornings? The one where you wake up at noon in a panic, momentarily convinced that you've missed something HUGELY important, like work or a test or the beginning of an America’s Next Top Model marathon? Well, I've started to feel that way if I don’t get my daily dose of half-nude Miley Cyrus photos, so thank goodness they’re here before lunch today! *PHEW*

For her first EVER Rolling Stone cover, Smiley Miley did what she’s been doing best, as of late—she stripped down and stuck her tongue out. And no, that dream catcher tattoo, while prominent in the shot, isn't new (in case you were wondering)—but Cyrus did get the words “ROLLING $TONE” tattooed on the bottom of her feet for the occasion. (Not pictured, and also: OUCH.) Not to worry though, because Miley's feet will forever be protected by her precious fur-lined Celine flip-flops. And we do mean forever, thanks to her new "homie," Kanye West, who bought her FIVE pairs of the thousand-dollar shoes after she happened to casually mention that her original pair was falling apart. NBD.

On the cover, which puts her jewels (heh) on full display, Miley leans up against the side of a pool and just baaaarely covers herself up with a gold-stacked arm that would make any street-style blogger envious. She also sports multiple gold necklaces, including three that appear personalized with words and one diamond-adorned choker that we would very much like to own. Nice layering, Miles! (It’s not as easy as it looks.)

The 20-year-old twerker loaded up her left ear with gold studs, spikes and rings as well, which instantly calls attention to the freshly shorn sides of her head. So much for growing it back out, eh? The slicked-back top coif and bleeding mascara is definitely reminiscent of her tortured, sad-face “Wrecking Ball” look, but what we're really drawn to is how crazy-blue her eyes are! Miley really does give great beauty shot. And TBH, we're thankful for the Rolling Stone close-up because those nipple pasties she wore over the weekend just didn't do her eyes the justice they deserve!

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