Selena Gomez Hangs Out With Donatella Versace And Anna Wintour In Milan


Donatella Versace and Selena Gomez.
Photo: @selenagomez Twitter

Selena Gomez is pretty much living the dream in Milan right now. How do I know this? Because my BFFs, Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace, could NOT stop gabbing about her during our most recent group Skype sesh, wherein we also talked about pizza and #FASHUN and another former Disney darling who's been making some more, um, mature, wardrobe choices of her own these days. Just kidding. Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace don't use computers! They have someone else do all their interwebbingz for them, obvi.

But seriously. Now that Selly is no longer in danger of catching drop-crotch fever from the Biebs, she's been working on her style game in a major way. Gomez attended the Versace show in Milan on Friday and wore a killer mixed medium black dress with a bandage cut-out top and shimmery a-line bottom. She accessorized the look with a vampy red lip, smokey eyes and jet black nail polish. But instead of going home and emailing her runway wish-list to Santa Versace's PR people, she talked about the line over dinner with Donatella herself, as evidenced by a photo she posted on her Twitter with the caption, "To be great, learn from the greatest." And it doesn't get much greater than Donatella Versace. Unless, of course...


Anna Wintour and Selena Gomez in Milan.
Photo Splash News

Anna Wintour offers to take you sightseeing! Then, you put on your most sensible-yet-stylish, all-black outfit (sunglasses are a DUH) and try to keep up while Wintour schools you in the art of glamorous globe-trotting. Or perhaps, how to land your first Vogue cover? *GASP* Could it be?! Selly on the Big Book of #FASHUN? The two shaded-ladies were snapped by paps, dashing through a hotel in Milan together and we can only hope that the High Priestess of Style was prepping Gomez for her formal foray into the world of couture.

Or maybe they just bumped into each other and were dishing about cute boys. IDK. What do you think these two were chatting about? Will Selena land on the cover of Vogue?

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